Recyclable Materials (No Charge)

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Recycling Center
Newspapers, magazines and catalogs, which shall also include all inserts within any newspaper and magazine, soft covered books, hard cover books. 

Corrugated cardboard and fiberboard/paperboard, boxboard containers (such as cereal boxes - without liner bag, food boxes, shoe and gift boxes, etc.) Toilet paper or Paper towel type rolls. (Remove cellophane windows) 

Office Paper/Computer Paper/Junk Mail Junk mail includes all loose bulk mail received through the mail consisting of paper, including paper envelopes (remove cellophane windows), flyers, office paper, computer paper, coupons, brochures, magazines, catalogs, stationery and bills. NO shredded paper. 

Telephone Books.
Milk cartons, juice cartons, juice boxes (remove caps and straws) and other aseptic packaging. 

Plastic food, beverage and household containers, #1 through#7, with the exception of Styrofoam materials. Large plastic toys, laundry baskets, containers, coolers, and buckets. NO Black plastics. 

Glass food, beverage and household containers. Cleaned and Rinsed. Steel/Metal food, beverage and household containers. Cleaned and Rinsed. 

Tin and aluminum cans and clean foils. Cleaned and Rinsed. Non Hazardous empty metal aerosol cans. 

Motor oil/Motor Oil Filters. Residents should place sealed containers of Motor oil (in motor oil containers) or Oil filters next to the oil disposal area. NO gasoline is allowed. 

Antifreeze–sealed antifreeze containers should be left next to the antifreeze disposal area. NO gasoline is allowed. 

Printer cartridges – Any laser or ink jet print cartridges.
 Scrap Metal – Appliances (without Freon), metal piping, lawn mowers (gas tanks removed), steel bathtubs, metal frames, etc.
Electronic Waste, including, but not limited to Televisions, Computers, Computer Monitors and Printers.

Leaves and Grass – must be emptied if in bags. This material is composted and free to residents each spring. 

Automotive batteries- Car, boat, tractor led/acid batteries. (All batteries must have caps in place. 

Book Exchange: Books in good condition and appropriate material can be exchanged or dropped off. Residents are free to take books also. 

Cell phones of all types including cell phone accessories. 

Clothing and textiles – Clean used clothing, handbags, shoes, boots, blankets and curtains. 

Household Batteries – Rechargeable batteries or nickel cadmium batteries, alkaline batteries and button (disc shaped) batteries. These can also be returned to the place of purchase. All dry cell batteries can go into your household trash. 

Mattresses and box springs. Must be clean and dry.
Eye Glasses – Receptacles are available for eye glasses which are donated. Fluorescent Lamps and Ballasts – All types of fluorescent lamps and ballasts. Wood Chips: Clean wood chips. Must be emptied if in bags. 

For all other Recyclable Materials, the Recycling Center staff will direct residents as where to place the items for proper recycling. 

Swap Shop – Leave items in good condition and working order and perhaps pick up something useful while you are there. Recycling Center staff shall determine what is allowed to be left free of charge. NOTE: Swap Shop will be open as directed by the Recycling Center Staff and/or the Public Works Director. All users who take items from the Swap Shop hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Town of Litchfield, its agents, and its employees for any injury or damage to property caused by items taken from the swap shop. All users who take items from the Swap Shop acknowledge that such items carry no express or implied warranty for any purpose, whether general or specific, from the Town of Litchfield and assume the risk of using such items.