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Our Motor Vehicle list is compiled each year from the CT DMV based on vehicles that registered in Litchfield as of October 1. The appraisal guide recommended by the State Office of Policy and Management is used throughout the State of Connecticut by all municipalities. Assessments for motor vehicles represent 70% of the average clean retail value, without adjustments for low or high mileage or condition.
Section 12-71b of the Connecticut General Statutes provides that motor vehicles which are registered with the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles after the October 1 assessment date but before the next September 1 are subject to a property tax as if the motor vehicle had been included in the October 1 Grand List. The assessment is prorated, and the pro-ration is based on the number of months of ownership between October 1 and September 30. This is commonly called a Supplemental Motor Vehicle Bill.
You may be eligible for a tax credit if your registered motor vehicle:
  • Was sold and the registration was not transferred to another vehicle
  • Was stolen or totally destroyed and the registration was not transferred to another vehicle
  • You moved out of state and registered your vehicle there.
To obtain a tax credit, you must furnish proof as required by the Assessor. All forms of proof must be dated and include the vehicle identification number. The following are acceptable forms of proof:
  • A stamped marker plate receipt from the CT Department of Motor Vehicles
  • A copy of the bill of sale (if you did not keep a copy, please go to available forms)
  • A copy of the transfer of title
  • Copy of the accident or police report - if report shows vehicle has been totaled
  • Copy of the registration in another state
  • Insurance company letter showing date insurance was cancelled and the reason for the cancellation
  • Notarized statement from the junk dealer
Upon receipt of the proof, your bill will be adjusted or cancelled depending on the date. Please provide proof to the Litchfield Assessor’s Office as soon as possible. Your daytime telephone number and your correct mailing address should also be included.