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Trade Names
Use of fictitious business names: Filing fee $10.00

Sec. 35.1(a) of the Connecticut General Statutes: “No person, except as provided in this subsection, shall conduct or transact business in this state under any assumed name, or under any designation, name or style, corporate or otherwise, other than the real name or names of the person or persons conducting or transacting such business, unless there has been filed, in the office of the town clerk in the town in which such business is or is to be conducted or transacted, a certificate stating the name under which such business is or is to be conducted or transacted and the full name and post-office address of each person conducting or transacting such business……”

Trade Name Form
Filing of a Trade Name does not give permission to do business in the Town of Litchfield, but by law puts the public on notice as to who the owner of the business is. Proper permits, licenses and other business requirements must also be met.

Smart Start

The First Step for Businesses
Connecticut Licensing Info Center 1-800-392-2122

Contact the Connecticut Licensing Info Center and the Smart Start business assistance service for information about business requirements and application forms.