Your Voting Questions Answered

Posted on
October 5, 2020
Registrar of Voters
Voting Absentee or in Person:

When Town Clerk receives your ballot, she checks you off as having voted, and the list at the polls will have an A by your name.  If you request and get an absentee ballot, but don’t mail it or drop it off, you will not be checked off as having voted, and you can vote at the polls. You can check whether the clerk has marked you as having voted absentee at 

Do I have to use my absentee ballot?

If you get an absentee ballot, and choose not to use it, you can vote in person at your usual polling place. You can dispose of the unused ballot; you don’t need to turn in an unvoted absentee ballot. 

How long to I have to submit my absentee ballot?

Absentee ballots can be dropped off in the drop box at the Town Hall through 8pm Election Day. Each absentee ballot is checked against the checkers’ voter list at the polls and is only counted if the person hasn’t voted in person.

Should I go to the polls after voting absentee?

Trying to vote in person after casting an absentee ballot is a federal crime. If you are unsure of whether you sent in an absentee ballot, check on line at