Interested in weekly Farm Share for pick up?

Posted on
March 25, 2020
Town Hall

Interested in weekly fresh produce from local farms?

The Northwest Connecticut Regional Food Hub works with farmers all over northwest Connecticut picking up their fresh, locally grown produce and delivering it to happy wholesale customers (schools, grocery stores, and restaurants).  We want to continue supporting our region’s farmers and getting fresh, healthy food to the region’s residents.  Sadly, in this challenging environment in-person farmers markets are difficult to have and many restaurants are closed. So the Hub is launching a new drive-thru pick-up “farm share” service in your town hall parking lot.

At this point we need to see how many residents might be interested in this service.  If you are interested, please go to:  by March 31st to let us know you would like to participate. No commitment needed at this time, we just want to gauge interest. We hope to begin offering weekly pick up the third week of April.

For more information on how much this would cost, how we will keep you safe, and what could be in a weekly farm share visit this website: