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Have you seen a black bear? Interested in learning more about living with Black Bears?

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July 7, 2023
First Selectman

The Basics of Living with Black Bears

Black bears are increasingly common in Connecticut. Reports of bear sightings, even in heavily populated residential areas, are on the rise. The Wildlife Division has also seen an increase in the number of reported problems with black bears. All residents should take time to make themselves “Bear Aware” and learn about best practices to both reduce the likelihood of an encounter with a bear and know what to do in the event of an encounter.

The primary contributing factor to bear problems is the presence of easily-accessible food sources near homes and businesses. Black bears that consume human-associated food (e.g., birdseed, trash, pet food) on a regular basis become habituated (comfortable near people) and food-conditioned (associate humans, houses, and neighborhoods with food). As the bear population continues to grow and expand its range in Connecticut, and bears become increasingly food conditioned, conflicts with humans will continue to increase. Food-conditioned bears pose a greater risk to public safety and often cause more property damage to houses, cars, pets, and livestock.

The State of the Bears - A Briefing on Bears in Connecticut 

Get all the information on bears in Connecticut including bear population, conflicts, feeding ordinances, comparisons with other states, and the best ways to coexist with black bears.