COVID 19 Pandemic Resources

Posted on
January 11, 2021
Town Hall

COVID 19 Pandemic Resources

COVID-19 Vaccine in Connecticut

Eligibility, access, and support to help you get vaccinated against COVID-19

Connecticut is currently in Phase 1a of our statewide rollout plan.

Video for Long Term Care Staff About The Safety and Health Benefits of Vaccinations

Long term care staff are being offered vaccines, and the state has made these public service announcements available (in English and Spanish) to educate employees about the safety and health benefits of getting vaccinated:

English 30 seconds:

English 15 seconds:

Spanish 30 seconds:

Spanish 15 seconds:

Vaccine Hesitancy Videos For EMS

These videos were produced by the JCC Healthcare Resilience Work Group’s Pre-Hospital Team to combat vaccine hesitancy and encourage intake of the Flu and COVID vaccines in EMS.

EMS 1st Video on Vimeo:

EMS Second Video on Vimeo:

CT's Community Resources Webpage

The State’s community resources page is updated with new community messaging resources including vaccination messaging tools. You can share these tools with your partners and post them on your social media or websites.

CT's New Priority Workforce Testing Program

The state has rolled out a new priority workforce testing program. This program provides Teachers/School Support Staff (including Bus Drivers), Early Childhood/Child Care Professionals, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Paramedics/EMT, National Guard, and Dispatchers with priority access to testing.

CDC Videos about the New COVID -19 Variants

The Center for Disease Control is releasing information about the new strains of COVID-19 that are being found in states around the country, including CT:

CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Tool Kits

The Center for Disease Control also offers these COVID-19 vaccination tool kits to educate the public about the safety and health benefits of receiving a vaccine: