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Connecticut-Based Insurance Provider (CIRMA) Returns Thousands to the Town of Litchfield and Litchfield Board of Education

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July 28, 2022
First Selectman
The Connecticut Interlocal Risk Management Agency (CIRMA) presented a check for $23,803 to Honorable Denise Raap, First Selectman of the Town of Litchfield — a share of CIRMA’s latest $5 million Members’ Equity Distribution. Over the past twelve years, CIRMA put nearly $42 million in equity back into the hands, and budgets of its member towns, cities, schools and local public agencies.

David Demchak, CIRMA President and CEO commented, “Because of the sustained commitment and dedication demonstrated by our community of employees, members, board and committee members, and business partners, CIRMA is better positioned than ever before. CIRMA’s Members’ Equity Distribution program affirms our financial fortitude and deliberate and disciplined approach to creating value for CIRMA’s members.” 
The Town of Litchfield and Litchfield Board of Education received a total of $166,018 in distributed Members’ Equity—one of many unique benefits of being a CIRMA member.
With 370 members across the Nutmeg State, CIRMA is the leading provider of Workers’ Compensation, Liability, Auto, and Property insurance coverages to Connecticut public entities. CIRMA is the only Connecticut public entity insurance provider that returns equity to its members—not shareholders.

“When you combine the power of our shared community, aligned mission and values, and mutual goals, the results are limitless. CIRMA’s deliberate execution of our financial and operational strategies continues to drive our ability to distribute equity back to our members,” lauded Matthew Knickerbocker, Chairman, CIRMA Board of Directors.