An Update from the First Selectman

Posted on
October 30, 2020
Town Hall

As you may be aware, there has been an uptick in COVID-19 cases in the State of CT. Although the Town of Litchfield continues to report cases, we are well below the red alert threshold. It is important to remember, as we transition inside, due to colder weather, to follow the CDC guidelines and recommendations from the CT Dept of Public Health @ ct.dph/coronavirus, in order to keep ourselves, our friends and our families safe and healthy. I will continue to update our community when there is a change in the guidelines.

Also, It is important to update everyone that there continues to be break-ins and thefts of unlocked cars in our town. Please lock your cars and remove valuables from inside.

The town is grateful to everyone that donated bags of candy for tonight's Pre Halloween Candy Convoy. Please be sure to have a flashlight in hand, reflective clothing on and to keep a safe distance from the emergency vehicles as they pass by.

Remember to turn back your clocks 1hr this Sunday morning and replace the batteries in your smoke detector. I also would like to remind everyone to slow down on our roads, look out for pedestrians and other outside enthusiasts as the winter weather conditions approach.

And lastly, as Election Day approaches, I remind you that we are one community, which when we work together, despite our differences, will be stronger, when we direct our energy into what each of us can contribute, to make our community a better place for everyone living, working and visiting here.

Be well and safe, Denise

Denise Raap

Litchfield First Selectman

(860) 567-7550