Absentee Ballot Update & Modified Office Hours

Posted on
September 23, 2020
Town Clerk


Once again this office is asking for the public’s patience and understanding during this election season. As you know the Secretary of the State’s Office has mailed out Absentee Ballot Applications to 100% of eligible voters allowing those who are concerned about the pandemic to cast their vote for this election by the absentee ballot process.  As a result we are receiving a large volume of applications.  Ballots will begin to be mailed out on October 2nd.  The locked ballot box that is located at the rear entrance to the Town Hall Building is open for application drop offs and will be open to receive ballots up until 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.  I highly recommend that you use this lock box and urge all those intending to vote by absentee ballot to submit their application as soon as possible.

We find it necessary, beginning Monday, September 28, to close the office to general business at 1:00 p.m. daily until further notice so that we can process these applications efficiently and assure that all those who have applied for an absentee ballot receive them in a timely fashion. This is an enormous undertaking.  General business will continue to be conducted in the mornings by appointment only.  Recordings for land records will be filed prior to the closing hour and will be recorded in the order they are received.  Title searchers and those applying for marriage licenses must call ahead for appointments.

I would also like to remind people that the Polls WILL BE OPEN on Election Day between the hours of 6:00 am and 8:00 pm for those wishing to cast their votes in person.  Polls will be clean and CDC guidelines will be followed.

This office has also received a number of applications that the Secretary of the State’s office sent out returned to us by the Post Office as ‘undeliverable’.  If you have not received an application for an Absentee Ballot and would like to vote in this manner you can download an application by going to portal.ct.gov/SOTS under Elections and Voting, or send us an email at townclerk@townoflitchfield.org.  You should contact the Registrar of Voters at 860-567-7558 to determine why you did not receive your application.  We are committed to assure that all who want to vote in this election are able to do so.  Thank you for your attention and support during this unprecedented time.  Stay safe and be well.

Best regards,

Lisa A. Losee, Town Clerk

L. Robyn Ryle, Assistant Town Clerk