Interlocal Advisory Board

Interlocal Advisory Board Members (for Bantam Lake Jambs) terms to concur with Selectmen's.

Interlocal Advisory Board Members - for Litchfield Borough

NameTitle (Party Affiliation)Term Appointed

Chair (R)

Roger A. Doyle

Secretary (D)

Leon Losee, Jr.

Borough Warden (R)

Daniel B. Clock

Boro At-Large Rep. (R)


Vacancy One

Member (on hold)

Interlocal Advisory Board Members - for Bantam Lake Jambs (Appointed, 2-year term)

NameTitle (Party Affiliation)Term Appointed / Expires
Jonathan E. Torrant

Chair - BOS Member (R)

11/29/2017 to 11/2019

Thomas Weik

Vice-Chair - BLA Member (R)

to 11/2017

Secretary - PW Dir/ Eng or Const.

11/29/2017 to 11/2019

Kevin Chilson

PW/Elector Eng or Construct. (U)

to 11/2017

Michael H. Cicchetti

BLA Member (R)

11/29/2017 to 11/2019

Vacancy One

BLA Member

to 11/2019

Vacancy Two

BOS Member

to 11/2017

Vacancy Three

BLA Member

to 11/2017