Beautification Commission

Commission Members (Appointed in Feb., 3-year term)

NameTitle (Party Affiliation)Term Appointed / Expires
Betty Eisenhoure

Member (R)

5/16/2017 to 2/2020

Ruth Erickson

Member (R)

1/19/2016 to 2/2019

Anna Heys

Member (D)

7/21/2015 to 2/2018

Margaret Miner

Member (R)

9/6/2016 to 2/2019

Cindy Swope

Member (D)

4/19/2016 to 2/2019

Vacancy One


to 2/2018

Vacancy Two


to 2/2020

Sharon Schildgen

Alternate Member (R)

4/5/2016 to 2/2019

Vacancy Three

Alternate Member

Vacancy Four

Alternate Member